TESIS 16 heating boiler BALTUR

  •  double-circuit boiler
  •  Capacity: 16 kW
  •  Warranty: 4 years
  •  Brand: BALTUR
  •  Country: Italy
  •  Price doesn't include the Standard flue Kit.
კოდი: 27105+27109


  • Board with microprocessor that controls inputs, outputs and alarms.
  • Electronic modulation provides smooth power control in domestic hot water and heating.
  • Electronic ignition with flame control of ionization type.
  • Smooth automatic ignition.
  • Built-in gas pressure stabilizer.
  • Possibility of electronic regulation of maximum and minimum power.
  • Button on and off the boiler, select Summer mode, select mode.
  • Winter, RESET button for restarting after an alarm stop, temperature controllers in the heating and domestic hot water circuits.
  • NTC sensor for monitoring the temperature in the heating circuit.
  • NTC sensor for monitoring the temperature in the DHW circuit.
  • The circulation pulser with a GRUNDFOS autoair.
  • Automatic bypass of the heating circuit.
  • Separate heat exchangers for heating and domestic hot water.
  • Expansion tank for the heating circuit.
  • Faucet make-up heating system.
  • Pressure gauge for monitoring the water pressure in the heating system.
  • The ability to connect the following accessories: a street temperature sensor that allows the function of weather-dependent regulation, a remote control, a room thermostat.
  • The function of protecting the circulation pump and the three-way valve from jamming.
  • Closed combustion chamber.
  • Flame monitoring device, ionization type, in the event of a flame failure it shuts off the gas supply.
  • A hydraulic pressure switch that controls the water pressure in the heating circuit.
  • Limit thermostat that controls the boiler overheating along the heating circuit.
  • Smoke exhaust pressure switch that monitors the operation of the fan and smoke exhaust system.
  • 3 bar safety relief valve installed in the heating circuit.
  • Anti-freeze function.

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