CITY 24 RSI heating boiler BERETTA

  •  single-circuit boiler
  •  Capacity: 24 kW
  •  Warranty: 4 years
  •  Brand: BERETTA
  •  Manufacturer: RIELLO S.p.A
  •  Country: Italy
  •  Price doesn't include the Standard Flue Kit
კოდი: 1003+910234


"Wall-mounted gas single-circuit with a closed combustion chamber is designed for heating and hot water supply of premises for various purposes. These models are optimal for use in apartment heating systems. 

  • ■ LCD display on the control panel.
  • ■ Two air inlet holes (right and left side).‎
  • ■ The ability to receive a lock signal to transmit it over a distance (using an optional accessory).
  • ■ The ability to connect a stand-alone hot water boiler .
  • ■ Built-in weather-dependent control function (when installing an outdoor temperature sensor).
  • ■ Three-speed circulation pump.
  • ■ Integrated three-way DHW valve (for CITY RSI).
  • ■ Permanent continuous power adjustment (modulation burner).
  • ■ Built-in system for automatic temperature control of the coolant.
  • ■ Built-in harness and security systems.
  • ■ Protection against freezing and blocking of the pump and three-way valve.
  • ■ Priority hot water supply.
  • ■ Ability to work on liquefied gas.
  • ■ System of self-diagnosis of malfunctions with the output of information on the LCD display.
  • ■ The ability to connect a remote control. "

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